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Manufacturer of Flexo Printing Machine

Flexography printing machine is type of printing process in which flexible relief plates are used. It is known as the sophisticated version of the letterpress technique which can be used for printing on any type of substrate. Our expert team has a profound knowledge of the flexo printing press and how to implement the cutting edge technology to deliver the best of the flexo printing press among all

Our focus is to provide a robust structure of the flexo printing press to prevent vibration throughout the process so as we can deliver 100% defined printing quality. In addition to the high quality, we provide two jobs printing, which runs simultaneously to achieve the higher printing output.

What is Flexo Printing Machine?

Flexo Printing Machine is a smart printing measure that contains etching the plan on the design of the surface of the object. In Flexo Printing Machine, the design is printed on the cylinder that pivots and moves the print on the other substance. There are 5 main components that help in executing the interaction: chamber, specialist cutting edge, roller, ink system and dryer.

  • Printing Cylinder: It is the principle round and hollow pole or a sleeve that is comprised of steel, aluminum or some other non destructive material. It has the design that will be imprinted on the substance.
  • Doctor Edge: It is used for removing the additional measure of ink from the outside of the item.
  • Roller: The undertaking of this impression roller is to press the article which is to be printed to the printing cylinder so the print can be moved from the cylinder to the substance.
  • Inking System: The ink containing chamber that holds ink pipes of various colours that are supplied to the roller. The system includes the ink container, tank, siphon and pipes.
  • Drying Framework: The last print on the substance should be dried to make it perpetual. The drying framework has a chamber which dries the print. The speed of drying and its temperature is chosen dependent on the speed of printing, sort of ink and the materials on which the plan is printed.

Working Of Flexo Printing Machine?

The flexo printing machine used a cylindrical base on which the picture is engraved and it is turned on the substance that will be printed. There are various sorts of materials on which the plan can be printed like polyester films, papers, cardboards, aluminum foil, and so on The flexo printing machine includes 5 primary segments that makes the printing cycle occur. Every one of the segments need to perform precisely to give appropriate nature of the last print on the item. As manufacturer, we furnish the flexo printing machine with highly efficient components for top quality prints. The cycle that happens in the machine is as per the following:

The working of our flexo printing machine is dealt with by a mechanized system which assists the client with controlling the total interaction. The system makes it conceivable to control the temperature and speed of machine. It even robotizes the ink delivering framework and permits it to deliver the ink from the tank that contains the ink of required shading. The exact plan and shading on the substance is conceivable in view of the automated system and control system.

Flexo Printing Machine Supplier in India

To retail our good will in customer’s consideration, we are considered to be leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a unique quality approved Ishan Flexo Printing Machine.We are engaged in offering high-speed flexo printing machine which is very easy to operate. While manufacturing the machine we are using the best quality raw material, with the support of ultra-modern technology and quality approved components. This machine has an accurate color printing process with the help of rolling materials. With the help of the meter counter it can be set that the printing quantity and color usability as per the necessity. The machine can be stopped once it produces a certain pre-set quantity of printing. Ishan International Flexo Printing Machine ya Flexographic Printing Machinery are highly stable and durable with outstanding printing quality. These machines are widely used for printing HSPE, LDPE, PP Rolling Paper, etc. We deliver the machine to the customers after doing complete check according to different parameters so that the customers won’t face any problem while operating. Our esteem customers can again this printing machine from us in diverse designs at industry leading affordable prices.

Uses Of Flexo Printing Machine :

  • Printing on Magazines & Postcards
  • Cardboard Printing
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Carton Board
  • Polyester Film
  • Packaging Products
  • Security Print
  • Decorative Printing
  • Label Printing

Features of Flexo Printing Machine :

  • Web Width from 400 mm to 1200 mm
  • Perfect Registration
  • Uniform Impression
  • Rewinder & Double Winder
  • Reverse Printing Arrangement
  • Dynamically Balanced and Hard Chrome Plated Rollers
  • Printing Width 300 mm to 1050 mm
  • Printing Speed upto 75 meters/minute